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* Bananic's Webserver Log is included with all web hosting accounts

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  • Webserver Logs

    You can download and view your log files generated by the webserver. You will be able to view the following:
      - Your website's execution log file.
      - Your website's access log file.
      - Your website's error log file.

    Downloading log file:
       Select a log file from the drop down menu
       Then click on "download log" to download the chosen log file

    Viewing a log file :
       Select a log file from the drop down menu.
       Then click on "refresh" to view the chosen log file.

    You can also search the log file for specific words or names.

    Searching a log file:
       Key in the word to search for in the "Contains" text box.
       Then click on "refresh" to search the log file.

  • Execution Log

    An execution log is a list of all the scripts that were executed in the Web site. You will probably want to refer to this file if you are having problems setting up your scripts to work. Script errors will be shown in the execution log or in the error log.

  • Access Log

    An access log logs all file requests for your Web site. These files will include the HTML files and their imbedded graphic images and any other associated files that are accessed.
    In general, an access log can be analyzed to tell you:

      - The number of visitors (unique first-time requests) to a home page
      - The origin of the visitors in terms of their associated server's domain name (for example, visitors from .edu,     .com, and .gov sites and from the online services)
      - How many requests for each page at the site, which can be presented with the pages with most requests     listed first
      - Usage patterns in terms of time of day, day of week, and seasonally

  • Error Log

    An error log is a list of errors encountered during the request for individual files for your Web site. Each error is represented as one entry including some explanation of the reason for this error. You may want to refer to this log to assist you in finding broken links on your Web site and also to help you debug Scripts and missing graphics.