Support Documents

  • MySQL Access

    MySQL Access is included FREE with Bananic's '$3 Juicy Hosting Account', however you must request it to be enabled by filling our support form. Here are the simple instructions for requesting and using MySQL on our servers:

  • Requesting MySQL Access
    • Please fill in our support form requesting that you would like MySQL Access enabled for your account. Please be sure to let us know your username and domain name so that we can identify you. You may also us your desired password or we will use the password that you have provided when you signup for our services.
    • Bananic can have your MySQL access enabled within 24 hours, but it usually takes only a few hours.

  • MySQL Documentation

    MySQL is very well documented and you probably will want to refer to its documentation once in a while. The complete documentation can be found here. There is also a considerable amount of documentation within our php MyAdmin interface.

  • MySQL Interface

    To access the MySQL Interface, open your web browser and type in: http://www.<>/admin/mysql/

    1) You will only be able to use this interface once we have setup your database and emailed you a confirmation.
    2) Your database name will be the same as your web hosting account login name.
    3) For security, your MySQL database is only accessible using the server name "localhost" or "" from your scripts. Do not put our server name or your domain name as the MySQL server name as it will not work.
    3) If you encounter any server errors we will certainly have our technicians assist you in resolving the problem. However, we assume our clients are experienced and knowledgeable of using MySQL. If you have any questions, please send us your questions using our support form.

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