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  • FTP Connection Settings for Macromedia Dreamweaver

    In order to setup your FTP connection in Dreamweaver, you first have to define your site.

    Select Site > Define Sites and a window shown below will appear.

    Select New.

    Enter the name of your site, the root folder where the site is located as well as the HTTP Address where you wish to upload the site. After that select Web Server info from the left menu.

    Select the Server Access as FTP. Fill in the information as below.

    ftp host =
    host directory = leave blank
    login = ****** = the username sent in your welcome e-mail (usually it is your domain name without the ".com")
    password = ******* = the FTP password sent in your welcome e-mail
    passive FTP = YES, check this box

    Click OK

    You can now upload your files to your account using Dreamweaver.

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