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* Bananic provides SSI for all web hosting accounts.

  • SSI

    The webserver will process SSI directives for all HTML files that are named with the .shtm or .shtml file extensions only.

  • SSIs are enabled by default for your account.

    The simplest example of server-parsed HTML is to have a file "foo.shtml" containing this text:

       Line one
       <!--#exec cgi="mycgi.cgi" --><P>
       Line three

       And then have a file "mycgi.cgi" that contains, on Unix:


       print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
       print "Line Two";

       And when you access "foo.shtml", it will output:

       Line one
       Line two
       Line three

    SSI command that is not allowed:

       EXEC CMD

    If your include directive is <!--#exec cgi="..." -->, then the cgi program you run must output a standard CGI header (Content-type: text/html)

    Any file named foo.shtml will be parsed automatically by Apache on our servers.
    Do not put any spaces before the '#' character in your include directives; if you have
    "<!-- #exec" (incorrect) instead of "<!--#exec" (correct), the line will be ignored and not processed by the webserver.

    Server-side includes in "custom trailers" will not work, since custom trailers are appended to the output of your web pages after all other processing has been done on them. Any server-side includes that you put into your custom trailers will be sent directly to the browser without being parsed.

    More Help for using SSI can be found at:

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