Support Documents


  • Billing Information

    If you have questions on billing, send us an email at

    Bananic bills it's clients annually. When you first sign up, you can pay by credit card. One month prior to the beginning of your next billing cycle, you will be notified via email to see if you would like to renew your account(s) with us.

  • Payment Methods

    Credit Card Payment: This is our preferred method of payment. If your credit card has expired or if you would like to update your card information with us, please contact us

    * Please note that the charge will appear in your credit card statement as "WP - I Venture Circulation", "I Venture Circulation", "" or "".

    Bananic will notify you via email one month prior to your hosting account renewal. Should you decide to stay with us for your hosting, or if you would like to cancel, please reply our email and let us know.

  • Account Deactivations

    An account would be deactivated if the following ever occurs:
    1) Non-payment
    2) Non-compliance with our policies
    3) Spamming, or UCE (Unsolicited Commerce Email) violations.

    We must ask all of our clients to understand that just as you must take measures to protect your business, so must we. We provide hosting services for many individuals and businesses, therefore it is necessary for us to establish Terms Of Use that will protect both our company as well as those residing on our servers.

    Here is our procedure for account disabling/deletion:

    1)Non-Payment: We will notify you via email one month prior to your next billing cycle. If, for some reason, your payment is not received by the date specified in the renewal notice, we will suspend your site. This means that a generic page will appear in place of your site that reads "You do not have permission to access the requested file on this server." Your site will remain in this state for two weeks. If we still have not received payment within that two week period, we will delete your account from our servers including all its files.If your account has been deactivated due to non-payment, please contact our billing department at

    2)Non-Compliance With Our Policy: If your account does not comply with our Terms Of Use, we will investigate the matter and, if necessary, either suspend or delete your account depending on the issue. However, we ask that if you are doing anything with your account that you feel may come close to breaking our Terms Of Service, please notify us so that we may help you.

    3)Spamming, or UCE (Unsolicited Commerce Email) Violations: Please see our Terms Of Use for more about our views on SPAM/UCE. However, if your site has been reported as sending spam through our servers, we will promptly investigate the matter and, if necessary, suspend or delete your account. There will be no refunds issued whatsoever.

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